Here’s the Joyce statue design I’d settled on.  The striped shirt won the poll, but I asked and it wasn’t cost effective to have something like that be handpainted on buttloads of statues.  Thankfully, the nearly-equally-popular second choice was something with solid colors.  So that decided that.  (Likewise, I can’t guarantee the book will actually say “Gender Studies” on it on the final statue.   That’d be a pain to hand paint at such a small size.)

She is not intended to be compatible with the Shortpacked! statues.  Why?  Well, something I kind of dropped the ball on back when I started the old statues was not thinking to make them 6″ scale.  It’s a popular scale.  Who wouldn’t want their statue to be able to plausibly hang out with Batman or Spider-man or the Ghostbusters?  And I was locked in it for the original statues once Amber was made, but since this is a new series and a new continuity, I let myself make Joyce (and possible later DoA characters) this preferred scale.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Patch Together statue process, here’s how it works.  Right now, the Joyce statue is starting the voting stage.  If it receives enough votes, it will get produced!  If it gets produced, then preorders will go up, a statue will get prototyped, I’ll help the Patch Together guys refine the statue until I think it’s perfect, and then after the preorder period is over, everyone’s cards get charged and Patch Together mails you your statue.  The number of statues produced depends strongly on how many are preordered.  PT tends to make ten or so beyond the number of statues preordered, but the best way to guarantee you get one (or that they’ll be produced to begin with) is to preorder one.

But that’s not exactly pertinent yet.  Right now, all you have to do is vote.