Dumbing of Age is two years old today!  And I’ve also been drawing webcomics for 15 years as of today.  This brings two thoughts to mind.  1) Holy shit, dudes.  2) Jesus, I am old.

To celebrate, there’s the new BringBackRoomies.com site, which will rerun all of my older material in “best reading order” from start to finish, day by day, starting today.  Those fifteen-year-old old comics will be published much larger than previously, there’ll be comics that’ve never been published before online (including today!), there’ll be commentary as I apologize for how terrible they are, plus stuff won’t be thrown around in random chronological order like the crappy old site (which still exists for now, don’t worry).  So be sure to check that out every day for the next several years.

Oh, and sweet stuff is also happening in Shortpacked!, because that old universe is actually still going, despite this new universe’s existence.

I keep busy.