Yesterday the Dumbing of Age Book 6 Kickstarter launched!  So far in one day we’ve funded and hit our first stretch goal of unlocking Leslie and Robin character magnets!   (At launch, Jocelyne and Carla magnets were available, and these two new magnets now join them.)  And now, looking forward, if we hit $35k, we’ll keep our Saturday and Sunday updates!  … because even I keep forgetting that weekend strip updates were a Kickstarter stretch goal several years back that kept on getting renewed.  Look, nobody wants to go back to just five days a week, so let’s hope we plow right through that marker.

This week’s Welcome to the Fuck Zone is Billie and Ruth, again, because, like, I guess we all really like those two for some reason.  Look, I know just last week I said I was gonna inline the graphic here below the strip more often, but we’re all crowded out with Kickstarter stuff right now so I HAVE MADE MYSELF A LIAR.  Good job, me.  You jackass.  You’ll have to look a few inches over to the left for your preview instead of having it front and center.