Welcome to the Fuck Zones feature canon-only couplings as a self-imposed rule, but for April Fool’s Day, I thought I’d draw a non-canon coupling.  Because if April Fool’s gags are good for anything, they’re for doing something fun and different in a way that “breaks the rules” without pissing you off, hopefully.  Long story short, that NSFW graphic over on the left of Dorothy and Joyce IS REAL.   I mean, it’s not canon, but it’s, like, a real Slipshine page.   You don’t click through it to be tricked.  The full image is actually there.

I figure in this AU, it’s still fairly early in the school year, as evidenced by Joyce being in one of her earlier sweatervests.  Becky hasn’t visited yet.  And I guess both of them are into ladies and they become the bestest friends possible.  Best episode of Sliders ever.

(oh right and the book 6 kickstarter‘s still going, if i don’t link to this here every day i have failed as a businessman)