Every time I’m like “okay, no more plaid, don’t do a character in plaid again,” and every time I still end up finding reference for a plaid shirt that’ll make me go “oh that’ll look great on so-and-so” and whoops anyway here’s Joyce in plaid for this storyline.  And a weirder pattern, too!  Those thicker blue lines are irregular!  What am I doing?  I have 5-year-old twins!  I don’t have time for this!

Anyway I’m told I need to write more blogs on this site, for the SEO, so that’s part of why I’m parading this art in front of you and blathering on about it.  Also, I drew plaid, so APPRECIATE.

Though when it did come time to render the shirt day-to-day in the actual strip, I sure dropped the angled variation of the pattern on the pocket.  Look, I have to set some boundaries for myself.