The Dumbing of Age Book 12 Kickstarter has its second SURPRISE MAGNET reveal — the DERBY MARCIE MAGNET tier!  Search down the list of tiers and this handy graphic on the left will alert you to where you can sign up for a Derby Marcie magnet to be included with your Book 12.

Of course, if you pledge for the PICK THREE or PICK FIVE MAGNET tiers, you can now choose Derby Marcie if you want.  And you  get all of the unlocked magnets if you go all-in for the COMPLETE MAGNET POWER tier!  As they’re unlocked, consider them automatically yours.

The Derby Marcie magnet will be 4″x2.2″ or so (to scale correctly with the other magnets) and get tucked neatly inside your book! Next up: the EMO ETHAN magnet tier unlocks at $45K.

Pledge today!