Okay.  This was a dumb thing to do to myself, the having people sending me buttloads of great art and then having to choose the best.  Not smart!  Not smart!

But to make things easier, I decided to make a first, second, and third place instead of just a first place.  I’ll be sending out three posters instead of just one!  (I’ll probably send something extra with the first place prize.)  So tonight you’re going to see third place, tomorrow second, Wednesday will be our grand prize winner, Thursday will be two honorable mentions, and then in subsequent days all the rest in no particular order.  There were twenty-one entries in all.

Without further ado: THIRD PLACE

Third place was hotly contested.  I was pretty sure what first and second place had to be, but in the end, this won out for third after much deliberation.  It’s by Megan Archer, and it’s, of course, Amber x Danny, with a pony thrown in for good measure.  I have to admit, the pony helped its chances, with its blood-stained hooves and …

Okay, it’s really because Danny is in a dress and tiara.

You’re getting a poster, Megan!