And I’ve got things for you.

Way back in 2005, I did a comic for 24 Hour Comic Day, and created a self-contained out-of-continuity 24-page story about the Head Alien and Monkey Master from It’s Walky!.  That story’s seen the Internet, but never print!  UNTIL TODAY.

It’s been repackaged as an in-universe artifact from Dumbing of Age, where the Head Alien and Monkey Master only exist as fictional characters from a popular cable network cartoon.  All 24 pages are represented in this black-and-white comic book, as well as a “letters page” in the front that delves into the history of the “Dexter & Monkey Master” franchise in the Dumbing of Age universe.  Also, there’s a spot on the inside cover for me to sign and/or doodle on if you ever see me in person!  Find it in the store.

Also, woo, now that I’m home, I can get back to some outstanding orders from the store.  Hooray!