I know I have a bunch of old webcomics that featured versions of these Dumbing of Age characters.  That’s my own fault.  It was gonna create confusion, but I figgered the benefits outweighed the downsides.  And I still believe they do.  I wouldn’t be nearly as excited about this comic otherwise, as I am writing about old friends.

But, dudes, when interacting with each other in the comments, let us restrain ourselves sensibly!  When folks are commenting on these strips and ask about a character’s motivation in Dumbing of Age, many of these commenting folks are new to this universe!  They haven’t read Roomies! or It’s Walky! or Shortpacked! or Joyce and Walky!, and nor should they have to.  And so they do not want to be greeted in response with a detailed blow-by-blow account of character X in another webcomic.  That is not helping.  You are just being confusing and not even answering the question, since there is no answer to the question yet.  This isn’t a SPOILERS! thing.  It’s a flood of irrelevant information thing.

So, please, I ask of you.  Let’s just talk about Dumbing of Age.  If you are not talking about Dumbing of Age, there is a good chance I will delete your posts.  I am happy that you are contributing, but I value my new readers.

If a new Dumbing of Age reader wants to find my other work on their own initiative, that is perfectly fine and good as well!  But my focus on this website is telling this story this way.  And I don’t want it muddled unsolicited.  Thank you.