It was Valentine’s Day, and Maggie drew me this art of Billie and Sal making out, ‘cuz my wife is awesome like that.

Now, the two of us are going to be gone all next week on the JoCo Cruise Crazy (with Joel Watson and his wife), but I am certainly not leaving you folks empty-handed.  I do currently have a five-week buffer, after all.  Even if I get lost at sea, this strip is updating through near the end of March.

But I have something else to keep you folks busy.  A contest, if you will.  Of sorts.

The criteria:  You have to draw two of the characters from Dumbing of Age making out.  It can be anybody in the cast.  It can be guy/girl, girl/girl, or guy/guy.  And it can only be making out.  No actual banging!  And only mouth to mouth!   Clothes please.  Just smooching or frenching,  your call.  And it has to be two real, human members of the cast.  No Ultra Car.  No Amazi-Stool.  No giraffe you’ve labeled “Walky.”

This can be yours if you draw two people making out.

I will (hopefully) accumulate these illicit images while I am on my boat for a week, and when I return, I will choose the one I like the best.  And the one who gets their art chosen as best will receive a free “Touchdown” poster in the mail!  It’ll be numbered and signed, same as the others.  (If you already have that poster, I will send one of the other two.)  I will display my favorites or possibly all of them on this website.  Simple, yes?

So if you draw up some sweet makings-outs, mail your image to wiigii at gmail, with “SLASH CONTEST” in the subject header.  Include your name and mailing address in case you win, plus the name you wish to be credited as on the site.  Please make the art no wider than 800 pixels across, please, in either JPG or PNG format.  I don’t need to print these out.  Unless they’re super hot.

May the slashing begin.

In other news, while on the boat, myself, Joel Watson, and Rob DenBleyker are scheduled to be on Paul and Storm’s awesome podcast because we’re fancy webcomics people.  So look for that later!  And sometime that afternoon will be a “Drawing for Drinks” event where these selfsame fancy webcomics people draw for people so long as our booze glasses aren’t empty.  Which is the best thing I’ve heard in my entire frigging life.  It totally removes that “create a webcomic” and “get a bank account” middleman and just straight-up lets me draw for booze.

I swear Billie is not autobiographical.  Much.