Today, September 10, 2017, is a very special day, because it means it’s been twenty years since September 10, 1997, when a young Young Earth Creationist named David Willis was publishing his very first webcomic.   They were simultaneously published on real newsprint by the Indiana Daily Student while I threw them up online on some site called… Tripod?  Is that right?  Does anyone remember Tripod?  Tripod is one of those things from the beforetimes when companies tried to give you free website space (2 megs storage!!!!) instead of free Tumblrs.  It was a primitive time.  And since Roomies! (1997-1999), I’ve done crap like It’s Walky! (1999-2004), Shortpacked! (2005-2015), and … I dunno, probably other shit.  I’m old.

Today is also the seventh anniversary of the beginning of Dumbing of Age on September 10, 2010.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a limited print like in the old It’s Walky! days and you can find it in my primary webstore.  “Twenty” is 11″x17″, printed on cardstock gloss, and I’m doing 45 of them, numbered and signed.  The art centers around modern Dumbing of Age versions of the original Roomies! cast, plus some other folks who may have been important along the way thrown into the back as spooooky ghosts.  Look, for the 15th Anniversary I already drew “every character ever” and now I have two toddlers and I don’t got time for that kind of shit anymore.  YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE.

I’ve also uploaded the graphic to my TeePublic site in case you want to capitalism this milestone in t-shirt form.   There will likely be a wallpaper-sized version available through my Patreon.  And if you’re like “eff material goods,” that’s cool, too, because you can still look at it at a reasonable resolution right over there.  I am accommodating.

Here’s to twenty more years!  If there’s not twenty more years, something has gone dreadfully wrong.