New England Webcomics Weekend, the best thing ever in the whole damn world, is this Saturday and Sunday in Easthampton, Massachusetts!  I am serious, it is like eating chocolate while having sex on top of an airplane that Indiana Jones is piloting.  I get a boner just thinking about Webcomics Weekend.

There’s also a neat Pub Crawl the Friday night before that I recommend.  It is booze + webcartoonists + strangers.

I’ll of course have my stuff with me, the books and posters and hats and what not.  But those are always second to the Experience.   Every webcartoonist you’ve ever heard of will be there.  And we’ll all be high-fiving.  Constantly.  Oh my god.

(NEWW will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands on the Dina Dino Hat.  I’m trying to make up as many as I can before this weekend so I have a bunch to sell!  I will make some for after the con, of course, but the con is the priority.)