Originally Thursday and Friday’s strips were combined into a single four-panel strip.  But after finishing it, and realizing this was how I was ending my Thursday, leaving me with no idea how to cap the week off with a Friday, I decided to go a different direction.  I drew some extra panels and expanded the one strip into two, prolonging the doubt as to the vigilante’s identity, plus providing a few extra beats for Danny’s reaction.  I think it reads a lot better!  Plus we got that extra day of people trying to hammer out whether this was Sal or Amazi-Girl or, uh, Faz.

Definitely glad I got that last panel of Danny in there at the end.  It wouldn’t have supported a Friday strip all by itself!  My retooling gave me the timing I really wanted.

Anyway, this strip is the last one in the first Dumbing of Age storyline.  Monday starts “Uphill from Here,” featuring everyone’s first day at classes.  Fans of my older work might yet see even more familiar faces.