1) Put a hole in a box. 2) Put those prints in that box.

I’ve got one more convention this year, New England Webcomics Weekend (November 6-7), and I wanted to make sure I had some Dumbing of Age mechandise.  Well, there ain’t enough comics yet to fill a book, so I went the art direction instead.   I’ve done art before — in fact, “limited prints” were how I made a living about a decade ago — but I wanted to try something a little nicer this go-round.  When I was a young webcomic upstart, I printed out my stuff at, y’know, Kinko’s.  (Youngsters may now know this fabled place as “FedEx Office.”)

So check this out.  I ordered them online a week or so back from a very nice place that is not Kinko’s, and they arrived today.  17″x11″ artwork printed out on card stock gloss.  It’s amazingly nice.  I am serious.  It’s as nice as my artwork can possibly look!  They’re so nice that I kinda want to frame one myself, but man that’d be kinda douchey.

If you want an unobstructed-by-afternoon-lighting look at the artwork, click on through here to my DeviantArt account.  And to own it, it’s available in the Shortpacked! Store! for $15 and shipping.  It’ll come to your mailbox nicely rolled up in a tube.

Did you know I started out ten years ago selling limited prints for $25?  And now they’re ten bucks less, twice as big, and a hojillion times better quality.  Progress is grand!