Like clockwork, here’s Mike’s fashion closet.  Some readers have commented that it’s kind of weird to think of Mike wearing things that aren’t either his original black t-shirt or the Shortpacked! uniform.  I agree!  Well, I agreed more about a year ago, before I started giving Mike some other things to wear, here and there.  For example, above’s dark gray tee over the black-sleeved shirt is something I introduced in Shortpacked!‘s “This Man, this Manhattan” storyline just out of sheer necessity, since, well, he needed a change of clothes.  Since then, it’s been easier.   Mike wears browns, blacks, and grays.  Not so hard, huh?   Just had to break the ice.

I imagine Mike also has a collection of t-shirts that would make people mad, in certain company.  He loves to wear his “Twilight” shirt to the local comic book store, for example.  Feel free to brainstorm your own.