So this is the infamous half-blender of Webcomic Rampage.  For those readers of mine who still haven’t heard this story, let me retell it here.  I shipped two boxes of books to the Austin Dragon’s Lair comic shop ahead of myself so that I could sell them to my fans.  One box arrived easy-as-you-please!  The other box had been opened, books removed, placed in a new box, with the books exchanged with half a blender.  HALF A BLENDER.  So, yeah.  Post Office lost/stole/ate my books, and gave me an incomplete blender in exchange.  That was fun!  But a good story, I guess?

But the sad, sobering reality is that losing those books cost me a potential few hundred dollars in sales.  That blows!  So to share this story and to help recoup my losses, since there’s no real legal recourse for me to retrieve these books or my lost potential sales, I’ve doodled a bunch of my characters on the surface of this blender with a Sharpie. And you can own it. Keep in mind, it is an INCOMPLETE blender.  You will only get what you see here.  Just the bottom, with a plug.  There’s no top half.   The blender also has some scuff marks at some of the edges where its silvery finish was removed in transit.  But on the plus side, there’s now all these Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age characters on it.  Sweet, huh?

I’ve left a spot up next to Ultra Car where the winner of the blender can request anyone they feel is important that I’ve forgotten.  (Which, as it turns out, will probably be Mike.  Man, how’d I forget him?  Oh well, you can request him should you win.  Or somebody else!  There’s also no Dorothy, no Reagan, no Sal…) So, uh, yeah!  You can own this piece of dubious webcomics history.