Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello at C2E2 last weekend in Chicago!  This was the first convention that I had a bunch of people come up and say they enjoyed Dumbing of Age while completely neglecting to mention Shortpacked!.  That’s exciting to me!  It means this little comic’s starting to come into its own.  (What’s the point of doing two comics with exactly the same overlapping readership, anyway?)

I also got a lot of Dumbing of Age character sketch requests.  I’ve uploaded one of them here for this blogpost, and the others were simple medium shots.  It makes me happy to be asked to draw Billie.  (And sometimes by herself, not only while being strangled by Ruth.)  These characters are old and dear to me, and part of the reason I started up this strip was because I wanted them to be loved again.

Thanks everybody for coming out to see me!  You’ll be able to see me again at Wondercon in San Francisco in a week and a half.

If shipping schedules aren’t lying to me, there should be a new beach-themed DoA poster going up in the store tomorrow night…