This is how you know you know shit is just about to get real!  My new convention display banner for Dumbing of Age arrived by FedEx today, because convention season is… imminent.  Frighteningly imminent.  Oh my god oh my god.

Anyway, there’s a new DoA banner because I previously didn’t have one!  And I figgered, hey, well, maybe I should probably definitely.  I’ll bring this and last year’s Shortpacked! banner, the one that interlocked with the older banners, but from now on it’ll just be that banner and this one.  …or until I make a new SP! banner, anyway.  I had planned to do a new one along with this new DoA banner, but I couldn’t get a good composition, so I shelved it for a while.

If you want a better look at the DoA banner art, I have it up on my DeviantArt account.  You can also find my brainstorming doodles for it, as well.

…man, I should put a Convention Appearances box somewhere on this site like I do back over on Shortpacked!, shouldn’t I?  Regardless, I make my first appearance of the year faaaaaaaar over on the west cost at Emerald City Comic-Con.  That’s from March 4-6.  See you there!