First of all, yay!  Mid-Ohio Con is this coming weekend.  Saturday and Sunday, I believe?  October 22-23rd! That is good news!  The bad news is Book 4 won’t be in the States quite yet.  The big pile o’ books isn’t expected to reach Columbus until the first week of November… if customs doesn’t flag it for being terrorism, that is.  We’ll see.  But I will have Roomies! book 1 and Shortpacked! books 2 and 3, as always.  I will have an extremely limited number of Dina hats.  And finally more Dinobot “Honor” posters came in, so phew.

The bummer part is I have a big pile of deaths to announce!  Two hamsters within the past week (mommy ham and “Pirate” ham), and on Friday my grandfather passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s for a very long while.  His body finally caught up with his mind.  You’d think, since he hasn’t recognized me in about over a year, that this would be easier to handle, but it still stings surprisingly.  So this Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be off in Indiana for the visitation and funeral.

We have one remaining hamster from our current batch.  She used to be the most skittish and wild one, but once mommy disappeared from her cage she just sits there, depressed.  We can even pet her now, which was a near impossibility before.  She just takes it, like she’s given up.  This is definitely not helping my mood.