Here’s something I’ve decided to crosspost from my DeviantArt:

So I’m thinking, man, my original model sheet for Dumbing of Age‘s Dorothy doesn’t really cut it anymore, but didn’t I draw it just — oh my Lord, that art is ten months old already! Whoa, how time flies.

Dorothy got redrawn. I’m not sure exactly what for, other than to satisfy myself, as it’s not like Dorothy’s full-body art is all over my website or anything. It was an itch I needed to scratch.

More important than representing the little nips and tucks she’s accumulated over the past year is her expression and posture. When I drew the first Dorothy, what was most prominent about her to me was “She Wants To Dump Danny But Hasn’t Worked Up The Courage Yet,” and so her pensive, almost sad look made sense at the time. But that’s not really what Dorothy’s about, and it certainly hasn’t been what she’s been about since about October! I wanted a bit more of the gung-ho, studious Dorothy. So now she’s standing up right, smiling, and holding a book.

The unfinished sketch in the middle had a more interesting pose, I think, but I didn’t like her head being down and her posture needed to be more defiant, so I started over with the finished version on the right.

Physical things that seem to have changed: Head’s smaller. Body’s thinner. Her clothes fit. Dropped coloring the lower lip at some point.