Hey, some of you may know Josh Fruhlinger from his daily newspaper comic strip commentary at Comics Curmudgeon.  Well, now you can also know him from his United States President Slash Fic Blog, Hail to the Slash.  Josh commissioned art from me for the title!  I have provided the too-hot-for-blog extra slobber version to the left.  The full and final version of the graphic can be seen at the site itself, of course, as well as lots of stories about Presidents sodomizing each other.

I am still cranking out the 100 “Crisis” poster orders!  I have approximately 75 of them in the mail.  What complicates things is that this is also the week that my three literal tons of Dumbing of Age book 1 and Shortpacked! book 1 reprints arrived!  (See top image!) And so I’m also working on those at an equally furious pace.  I will probably have… 100 of them ready to go out the door to the post office on Monday?  That is out of roughly 600 orders, so please bear with me.  Those first 100 are from the folks who didn’t ask for any extras, since I wanted to get a huge chunk of them ready to be mailed as soon as possible — you know, to get some feeling of immediate accomplishment.  Just throwing books in postage pre-paid envelopes and slapping labels on.  It’ll be much slower going once I hit the international orders and folks who pledged for sketches.

So I’ll be keeping busy for a while.  And probably be rewatching a lot of DVDs while creating more stacks of enveloped books like the ones on the right.