Hey, it’s an honest-to-gosh older brother of Joyce!  In the Original Continuity, Joyce’s older brothers were relegated to photographs or token appearances at weddings and I don’t think any of them got official names.  But here in Dumbing of Age, I had this storyline about families visiting, and I forced myself to include one of her brothers as an actual speaking character, finally, for the first time.  Why “forced”?  Well, it’s a much simpler dynamic to have just parents and one of their kids.  The parents can easily work as a single voice versus their offspring, and so you have an easy conversation to write between the two entities.  But with another sibling in there, it adds another voice and another someone to squeeze into a panel.  It complicates a story and creates more work all around!  But I’m a glutton for such things, so here we go.

So let’s introduce Joshua Brown.  Like his sister, he’s kind of adorable.