Hey!  We’ve had a Kickstarter!  And I know some of you don’t read this news stuff unless I put it up where the comic goes during the weekends, so here this giant thing is.  We funded the book run already, but I still wanna let everyone know in case they want to get in on the ground floor with some sweet rewards, like prints and magnets and original art.

The Kickstarter’s also already surpassed its first stretch goal at $20k, which unlocked Saturday updates for the comics.  So if you’re scrolling backwards from Monday’s comic, be sure to navigate back one page from today’s to see Saturday’s comic!  These Saturday comics will happen for the next year.

The next stretch goal at $27k, which we’re about to pass as well, is to print Roomies! Book 2 (collecting stuff of mine from 1999!)  with black and white interiors.  A few thousand dollars more and we can afford to get color interiors, as there were a few Sunday comics that year.

Beyond that… perhaps unlocking Sunday comics on this site, so that Dumbing of Age updates all 7 days every week?  Maaaaaybe.  We’ll see.  I’m a little reluctant because unlocking Sundays means I can’t shove stuff in your face like this when I wanna. 🙂