Charles and Linda Walkerton are the parents of Walky and Sal.  Linda was a pretty dang important character in the Old Universe’s It’s Walky!, sort of like how Gendo Ikari was important in Evangelion.  She’s only five years younger here than she was in It’s Walky!, but I think she’d look relatively younger than that because she’s not a former government field agent in charge of running a super-stressful anti-alien organization which hopes to, uh, cancel the apocalypse, which probably would age you like it would the Presidency.  So these are the younger, hipper Walkertons.   As before, Linda’s a few years older than her husband.

Of course, the other major difference between them in Dumbing of Age and the Old Universe is that Linda and Charles actually raised Sal rather than hiding her across the country with a pair of foster parents.  Here they only sent her across the country to go to a boarding school.  Oh, Linda.  Your parenting ideas are weird and arcane.