Hey everyone!  Comfycon is back!  Comfycon is the online-only convention where all the famous webcartoonists stay home and present panels via Google Hangouts and whatnot.  The whole thing’s orchestrated by Randy Milholland and Danielle Corsetto and the schedule thus-far can be found here.  

I am on four panels as of right now, so far as I know!  Today, Saturday, I’m on panels at 3, 6, and 9pm Eastern.  At three we have the perennial “Panel Roulette” where Joel Watson, Angela Melick, and I take questions and then take suggestions as we draw simultaneously on a webchat artboard thinger.  At six is “I Was A Teenage Christian Cartoonist” with Joel again and also Randy Milholland.  We will swap stories about being fundies.  APPROPRIATELY ENOUGH, I will follow the Christian panel by swinging by the Slipshine panel at nine.  Here I will probably drop which two lucky characters my next Slipshine comic is about, because it will be hard to talk otherwise about my current work.  It’s just a practicality thing!  Consider it a scoop.  (That next Slipshine comic from me is due early December, btw!)

I have one panel on Sunday, the “He’s Got the Whole World… on His Show” at 1pm Eastern with Randy again and Wednesday Burns-White.  We will talk about Christian cartoons like Psalty and Superbook and whatnot.  Why?  Because we friggin’ can.

Meanwhile, Dumbing of Age Book 3 (and Shortpacked! 5) have kind of stealthily shown up in the online store this past week.  Might as well mention that now.  I’m still cranking out Kickstarter fulfillment, so the Dumbing of Age Three Book Combo isn’t quite available yet, but hopefully soon it will be.  I just gotta get more of the Kickstarter stuffs out the door first!  S’only fair.

Keep an eye on me on Twitter today for panel video links.