2014-12-patreon1previewOne of two monthly bonus strips are up on Dumbing of Age‘s Patreon page!  This is the one for which folks voted for who’d appear in it, and Leslie won!  So if you’re a member of the Patreon, go check yourself out some Leslie toonage.  The second monthly bonus strip (unlocked when the Patreon surpassed $3500) will be based on a subject of my choosing.  I’m still thinking on it.

Also: There have been a few reports of bad ads popping through the system.  We’ll do the best we can to snuff ’em out, but the bad kind of ads are ones that purposefully circumvent the ad rules we’ve established, so they’re hard to nab.  It’s Christmas, so bad folks try harder than usual to put their noise in our faces, and the higher amount of ad traffic helps them hide.  Sorry for the jerks.