There’s six Dumbing of Age books, and now you can get them all at once for a reduced price!  Just log on over to the Dumbing of Age online store, and you’ll find the six-book combo listed there.  Get the whole thing (so far) at once!  It’ll all come in two padded flat-rate envelopes, three books per!  For an extra $10 I will doodle/autograph inside them all!

For those of you overseas, there’s a little extra bonus for you.  International shipping is way expensive, especially for TWO packages full of large heavy-ass books, so I’ve eaten the portion of the shipping costs.  It’s down $15 if you live in Mexico/Canada, and down $20 to everywhere else!  So hop on that.  Consider it a “jeebus yes you bought six whole dang books from across the globe” special rebate. Don’t forget you can add a Dina magnet to your order!

don’t worry i will still love you if you only get one or two books