Slipshine has a brand new site and I’m finally back from Toronto, which can only mean one thing: INVASION!  wait, no

It means it’ll be time for a new Dumbing of Age Pornographique!  “Fast An’ Impersonal,” featuring the OG pairing of Danny and Sal, goes live on Slipshine on Saturday, May 18!  It’s 17 all-new, full-page comic pages of definitely Not Safe For Work stuff.  It’s the sexytimes comic over a quarter-century in the making!  All gloves are off!  eventually

Also, there’s a new SAMPLER!!! section of the upgraded Slipshine website, and there you can find the uncensored first eight pages of the previous comic from me there, Becky/Dina’s “Hold On To Yer Butts.”  Just navigate over to the Sampler section in the top menu and find the eight pages (among many others’) in the dropdown.

So go grab a subscription and brace yourself!