Today’s midday post is a little different from the others.  This one has nothing to do with Dumbing of Age at all, and everything to do with people on Twitter and Formspring asking me to put back online my greatest webcomic of all time.


Back in 2004, when It’s Walky! was ending, I was struggling to find a new webcomic idea to follow it.  It’s Walky! had left some big shoes to fill!  My only recourse was to take the strip’s most popular characters, lawyer Bart O’Ryan and that asshole Mike Warner, and give them their own series.

Alas, it was too much for the world to take, and I had to settle for a less potent webcomic sequel about toys or some shit.  But today, collected together on the Internet (and digitally remastered!) for the first time in half a decade, I give you LAWsome:

LAWsome #2

LAWsome #3

LAWsome #4

LAWsome #5