Sarah’s out of the top image.  It makes me very sad.  I have big plans for her, but all of these plans stem from her being avoidant and generally anti-people.  And having her interact with everyone all the time right off the bat works against that idea, so there hasn’t been very much of her so far.

Regrettably, since she’s one of my favorites.

Meanwhile, I figgered I should have the actual top three DoA characters ranked by number of appearances up in the header.  That, at the moment, has Joyce waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the lead, with everyone else sort of gathered around the middle battling for second and third place.  Joe and Billie take that honor, respectively.  Look at the tag cloud down in the lower left to see for yourselves.  I think I might start swapping out the people up top as they jostle for position.  (Man, this storyline has a lot of Dorothy.  She has a real shot of getting up there in a month or so.)

In the meantime, a minor goal of mine is to get Sarah earning her place at the top again.  Unfortunately, Sarah won’t like it.