It’s not strictly Dumbiverse (and by “strictly” I mean “not at all”), but Walky Performs a Sex is being followed up by another sexytimes story set in my Vintage Webcomics Universe, the Walkyverse, by way of Shortpacked!. Β “My Lesbian” or “Once We Hit 88mph We’re Going to See Some Serious [blank]” features (SPOILERS???) soon-to-be-wed couple Leslie and Robin DeSanto, whose Dumbing of Age doppelgangers are our favorite gender studies teacher and Roz’s congresswoman sister. Β It’s sixteen pages and it’s going live at midnight the morning of Valentine’s Day on Slipshine. Β  If you’ve already got a Slipshine account, sweet! Β If you don’t, well, now I’ve provided you at least two reasons to get one.

Shortpacked!‘s website doesn’t really have, like, a news section anymore, nor does it update as frequently as Dumbing of Age, so, uh, have the newspost over here, I guess?

UPDATE: A short preview on Tumblr!