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Here’s a “comic” of sorts that I put on my various social media accounts yesterday, but figured maybe it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a permanent on-my-actual-website-which-I-personally-own home.  So here they are!

This is one of those ideas which don’t really have a place in the webcomic itself, as Joyce and her universe are kinda anchored outside of time.  Dumbing of Age doesn’t exist in any specific year (as mentioned in the FAQ), and this idea required the calling out of actual years and actual events in real history.  Sliding timescales are neat but sometimes also kind of not!

plus also if i wrote this comic yesterday and put it into the buffer today it wouldn’t even publish until next january anyway so

(comments closed because i was tired of the flood of shit about how killary is the REAL antichrist –the point’s kind of flying directly over your noggin)