Here’s some stuff I drew up for Billie to wear.  The “97″ on the shirt she wears in her first appearance refers to 1997, the date that Roomies! started.  I really like this shirt, but the others I might tweak before they appear, as they aren’t as visually compelling.  I do like the hoodie.  But then, I just like hoodies.

T Campbell and I are sitting adjacent to each other at Intervention this weekend, and we’ve been talking about the problems plaguing aging male artists attempting to nonlaughingly clothe teenagers.  How do those Archie folks do it?

Anyway, since I have no idea if it will actually ever come up in the strip, I might as well come out and say that Billie is half-Asian now.  Everyone always assumed she was Asian back in Roomies!, what with the black hair and fair complexion, even though she was conceived as thoroughly English.  So I figgered this go-round, hey, she’s half-Asian, why not?  These are the galaxy-sweeping alterations I am making!  The ones that make absolutely no real impact on the strip!  Her dad, of course, is still white through-and-through, because, dude, last name’s friggin’ Billingsworth, man.