First of all, after today’s strip everyone should probably recognize where the site’s wallpaper comes from.  Yeah, it’s the actual tile pattern from the real-life lobby of Read Hall, which is where the strip’s characters live.  I liked it so I’m using it!

I began working on what would become Dumbing of Age on the plane trip home from San Diego Comic-Con.  To the left is a scan of the first page of my brainstorms.  Joyce was a no-brainer, as was the outfit I started giving her post It’s Walky! for some Joyce and Walky! segments.  It really suits her.  Then there’s a prototypical Sarah to the left, before I figured out what to do with her hair.

And, hey, it’s Becky, Joyce’s friend from the J&W! material.

And, of course, down below is art of Billie, the nose of whom I botched so badly I had to call it out to myself.  That makes it somehow better.  This way if someone goes through my sketchbook (no one ever really does), they won’t think I thought the art was acceptable!  I’m saved from the full measure of scorn!

And finally, there’s two attempts at Ruth.  She used to wear overalls (why?) and wear glasses the size of her face.  Both of these would have to go.