Those of you who are familiar with my older works have been seeing a lot of very familiar faces, but there’s going to be some unfamiliar faces as well.  Which is fine, since this is a new continuity and I’m introducing everyone as if you’d never heard of them before anyway!

For 99% of you, Dorothy Keener is a new character.  Her only appearances in the Old Continuity are in Joyce and Walky!, and almost entirely in the subscriber-only material.  So don’t worry if you don’t know her.  After all, you’re not “required” to, same as everyone else in Dumbing of Age.  It’s a clean slate for everyone.

In today’s strip, she wears green and yellow, and you’ll notice that up above she’s in purples.  See, at some point in the middle of drawing this storyline, I realized that I had too many characters who wore predominantly green.  I am, like, a green fiend.  Probably all those years of Shortpacked! getting to my brain.  This green overabundance bothered me, but not enough to go back and recolor Dorothy differently, I guess.  So, uh, hope you don’t like the greens, ‘cuz she wont’ be wearing them after this first “day” of strips.  After that, it’s mostly purples for her.