This is Danny, who was the main character in Roomies!.  In Dumbing of Age, Joyce takes center stage, pushing Danny into the background a bit, but not so far into the background that he wouldn’t need a change of clothes.  He used to be a hoodie guy, but I want to make that Walky’s thing, so I came up with some Stuff That Isn’t A Hoodie for him.  Some, but not all.

Basically, Danny dresses himself like every character Breckin Meyer has ever played.

These were some clothes that Maggie and my friend Graham helped me with.  Graham had read my blog post about Billie’s wardrobe in which I said I was an old, bloated dude who didn’t have any grasp of modern girls’ fashion (but I don’t remember using the word “bloated”), and pointed out to me that I did know, like, fifteen people who taught high school.

Hint taken, Graham.  Hint taken.

(What this means is that everyone is going to be wearing Crocs.)