A week from Monday, on September 10, I will have been doing webcomics for fifteen years.  Dumbing of Age will also be celebrating its second birthday!  To celebrate this milestone, I have put together a limited poster!   Suffice to say, it’s the busiest thing I have ever drawn in my life.

A while ago, Joel Watson was all,  hey, you should do a parody of Superboy Prime punching the universe and all the pieces scattering into the Walkyverse and the Dumbiverse.  That’d be a poster you can do.  And it was a fine idea, but it wasn’t “all-encompassing work of horror” enough for me.  I needed something that would take me a month to complete.  And so I’ve parodied a different, better crisis instead.

CLICK THIS FOR ANIMATED GIFNESS (created by MiracleIsYou on Tumblr)

As a result, every character who’s ever appeared in one of my webcomics is in this thing.  I poured through my own archives day by day, grabbing folks to squeeze in here.  Some of them are pretty in your face.  Some may be less obvious, but still pretty easy to find.  Some may be essentially unrecognizable mostly-obscured heads in the background.  But they’re all here.  And there’s both Walkyverse and Dumbiverse versions of everybody.  (You can probably tell where the split in the composition takes place.)

It’s an 11″x17″ slab of cardstock gloss craziness, and there’s only 50 100 of them.  I’ll number and autograph them all.  If you want one, here it is in the store.

UPDATE: I woke up this morning to find I’d sold seventy of my fifty posters, so, uh, I just ordered a second 50.

UPDATE AGAIN: They’re gone!  Sold out in 23.5 hours.  Woof!