Phew! Computer’s back from the shop, so I can start flooding you with more SLASH CONTEST art! And finally, some dude on dude! …both with Jason. It’s the bow tie, isn’t it.

Yes, it’s Jason x Galasso!  Feast your eyes on this, courtesy of Phillipe Gagnon!  Y’know, it says “licky-style,” but I don’t see any tongues, Phillipe!

Though never let it be said that Galasso is not a romantic.  He came prepared with flowers!

And Jen Aside has given  us Jason x Professor Rees, the yet-unseen math professor!  And, of course, the real winner of this pairing, the otherwise stoic Sal Walkerton.  She ships them hard!

It’s a little disheartening that in a “SLASH CONTEST,” there was so little actual slash!  Though it’s partly my fault for having so few male characters, I suppose.  I mean, when you have to resort to Galasso…