Hey, did you know Dumbing of Age Vol. 1: This Campus Is A Friggin’ Escher Print is now available for sale on comiXology?  Well, it is!  That means if you have a tablet or whatevs, you can load up the first collection on your comiXology app whenever the heck you want — on the road, on an airplane, on the toilet.  Well, okay, you could read the physical book there, too, but you don’t have to carry it around!  It’d just be the tablet, which could also display any number of Archie comics or whatever kids are into these days.

So if you were ever like, “Man, owning the Dumbing of Age book would be sweet, but I don’t have room on my bookshelf and also I’d like to pay half the cover price,” this is your friggin’ day.

(The physical book is of course also still available in this website’s store if you like paper and bookshelves and things.)