It’s not strictly Dumbiverse (and by “strictly” I mean “not at all”), but Walky Performs a Sex is being followed up by another sexytimes story set in my Vintage Webcomics Universe, the Walkyverse, by way of Shortpacked!.  “My Lesbian” or “Once We Hit 88mph We’re Going to See Some Serious [blank]” features (SPOILERS???) soon-to-be-wed couple Leslie and Robin DeSanto, whose Dumbing of Age doppelgangers are our favorite gender studies teacher and Roz’s congresswoman sister.  It’s sixteen pages and it’s going live at midnight the morning of Valentine’s Day on Slipshine.   If you’ve already got a Slipshine account, sweet!  If you don’t, well, now I’ve provided you at least two reasons to get one.

Shortpacked!‘s website doesn’t really have, like, a news section anymore, nor does it update as frequently as Dumbing of Age, so, uh, have the newspost over here, I guess?

UPDATE: A short preview on Tumblr!