DoAbook4frontcover666Thanksgiving is over!  SUPER JESUS MONTH BEGINS.

And so Dumbing of Age book 4 is now in the online store.  You can get it plain or pay extra for me to doodle a Carla face in it.

Also, for just this weekend, you can get a combo pack of all five Shortpacked! books for a sweet-ass low price.

Note for this holiday shopping season: Maggie’s scheduled to get our twins yanked out of her on December 22.  However, twins like to pop out early, so it’s possible they’ll drop at basically any time.  What this means for you is that I can’t, like, super promise any orders you make will get mailed to you before Christmas.  We could be fine and in the clear until the 22nd OR they could randomly birth the day after you order a book and I’m kinda at the hospital for a week.  So keep that in mind!