Yay!  The Dumbing of Age Book 6 Kickstarter is now over, and it made [DOLLAR AMOUNT TO BE FILLED IN LATER], and I’m so [ADJECTIVE] that all [NUMBER OF PLEDGERS] of you have once again come together to help me publish another collection of Dumbing of Age strips.  I’m serious, I’m [OVERLY GRAPHIC SEXUAL METAPHOR WHICH WAS UNCALLED FOR AND UNWELCOME] with gratitude.

That means it’s time to choose which character I’m gonna doodle into all the signed/autographed books, so there’s now a poll on the right hand side of the website, under the comic.  You might ask, “WHERE IS SO-AND-SO???” and the answer is likely “they were already the default doodle for a previous book.”  This is my thirteenth book, so that’s burned through a lot of folks, but there’s still plenty more to go!

Also now that the Kickstarter craziness is over, I can go back to promoting other things, like my weekly Welcome To The Fuck Zone pages over at Slipshine.  This week was more Billie and Ruth, also featuring some makeshift light bondage, sure, why not.