I’ve never done terribly well with t-shirts, which is generally why I never, like, have t-shirts to sell.  It’s not rocket science.  BUT there are apparently a lot of places on the Interwebs these days where you can just, like, upload an image and then someone will sell that t-shirt and you don’t have to keep an inventory and also cry because you have an inventory for forever.  Long story short, I was curious to see if my T-shirt Curse is still a thing, so I uploaded some simple graphics to TeePublic to see how they fare.  Just an experiment to see, like, will people buy something with Carla on it.  These are not high-concept shirts.  (Well okay one of them is sort of high-concept.)  So if “Dumbing of Age character on a t-shirt” intrigues you, then there is good news for you today.  It is especially good news for the next three days, as the introductory price is $6 off the regular price.  So!