OH HEY!  It’s that time of year again, which means I’m making my annual pilgrimage to Dumbing of Age Ground Zero, aka Bloomington, Indiana.  You can find me at Vintage Phoenix Comic Books downtown on September 22, from 5pm to 7pm, where I will have books and maybe some other things like spare magnets from years past.  Come say hello to me!  My trip to Bloomington is always the best.  That place is rad.

but admittedly not as rad as the Lisa Frank dress on the left that Joyce will NEVER WEAR because i don’t have the hours in the day to draw it in every panel she appears

ALSO: Friday night at midnight EST (24 hours from this posting), I’m gonna put up the final three remaining copies of the “Twenty” limited anniversary print.  The dust has settled, and three left is what I’ve got.  (i proooooobably don’t have to say this, but i’ll say please limit yourself to buying one, just in case)