Just a few more days for folks who live in the United States to order stuff from my store and get it before Christmas!  This is your holiday reminder!  (Sorry, folks who live Not Here.  Make yourselves feel better by remembering your health care system is likely not a murder machine like ours.)

The post office signs say the cut-off date for Before Christmas Delivery for Priority Mail within the United States is the 20th.  It’s the 14th now, so you got, like… five days.  Five, not six, because you gotta allow me a day to put things in the mail.  If you order at 11pm on the 20th, I’m, uh, not gonna get to the post office in time with your stuff.  Post office is closed!

(I mean, I guess it could still arrive on time by then, if you’re lucky, it’s just not something you can count on.)

Oh, and if you order a single Dina magnet, those go by stamped mail, not Priority Mail, so those probably won’t arrive in as quickly a manner, so pay mind to that.