It’s a second Patreon bonus strip for June!  Hallelujah!  It’s about body horror.  It’s a little late.  Because, again, body horror.

I think I mentioned, like, everywhere I have an online presence EXCEPT here that I had an emergency surgery last Monday.  I have been in bed!  It’s not fun!  They had to cut me open and put my colon back where it needs to go.  I had my GUTS in my JUNK.   And so, yeah, I am currently a little slow.  My buffer here’s three months long, so that’s working out fine, but my Patreon strips are drawn by the seat of my pants.  And so once I was well enough to actually write/pencil a Patreon bonus strip, Gordon McAlpin (of Multiplex 10 fame) offered to ink it for me.  Because, y’see, it’s still difficult to sit for long periods of time.  Thanks, Gordon!  It is a great job.  You have saved me lots of pain.

Anyway, there it is!  New content!  I was productive!  After what feels like an eternity.  All Patrons can go check it out.