It’s the final 24 hours of the Dumbing of Age Book 10 Kickstarter!

Let’s go over the stats for the last time:  This book will collect “Year Ten,” spanning the four storylines that start on August 18, 2019, and complete on September 9, 2020. This includes new commentary, behind-the-scenes artwork, and new character designs into an 236-page tome with luxurious glossy paper all bound up into a sturdy presentation.  Our biggest book yet!  And there will be a foreword by Seanan McGuire!  There’s twelve new character magnets — one you get for free if you pledge for a book, and eleven more you can add in various ways!  

The book is titled Renounce Magical Thinking and Embrace Empirical Evidence, and it’s the culmination of a full decade of Dumbing of Age stories!  This is the big one!  With kidnappings and van chases!  The last one before Walky is hot!