I Excised All my Anxieties into Cartoon Characters Who Definitely Don’t Have Feelings for Each Other will collect “Year Eleven,” spanning the five storylines that start on September 10, 2020, and complete on August 26, 2021. This includes new commentary, 24 Patreon bonus strips, behind-the-scenes artwork, and new character designs into an 224-page tome with luxurious glossy paper all bound up into a sturdy presentation.   Seriously, these books are gorgeous.  Sometimes when our house gets solicitors I whip out a book to show them how pretty it is.
And there will be a foreword by Kendra Wells!  (They have their own Kickstarter currently running for the next three days, if you want to go check out KISS U.) 
There’s two character magnets you can pledge for right off the bat, and they’re the ever-popular Carla and Dina!  Get just Carla+Book!  Get just Dina+Book!  Get both Dina and Carla+Book!  All things are possible.  And if/when we reach $35K, we unlock JOYCE FOR EVERYBODY!  huzzah  I know, I know, this is all according to script, you get it.  But I gotta say it anyway.
Here’s to 30 days of me being on an adrenaline high as I run this thing.  Phew!