The Dumbing of Age Book 12 Kickstarter is in the home stretch, folks — this Kickstarter ends one week from now, and so it’s time for a SURPRISE MAGNET TIER reveal: DERBY MALAYA!  Their magnet’s gonna be about 3″x4.5″ and you can back the DERBY MALAYA MAGNET tier to get her along with your signed/doodled Book 12!

Obviously, you can pledge for the DERBY MALAYA AND DERBY MARCIE magnet tier to get both new Derby magnets.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Did you miss out on last year’s DERBY CARLA and DERBY SAL magnets?  You can back the DERBY TEAM MAGNET COMBO tier to get all four!  That’s both this year’s and last year’s derby team magnets!

This tier is limited because supply is limited!

(if you’re pledging for another tier such as Complete Magnet Power and want last year’s derby magnets to round out your team, remember you can choose two character magnet add-ons with your pledge and request last year’s derby magnets later in your address survey)

Six and a half days remaining!  Let’s bring this home. Pledge today!

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