The Dumbing of Age Book 8 Kickstarter is here, and there’s 15 days left to lock in your bid!

This book will collect “Year Eight,” spanning the four storylines that start on September 1, 2017, and complete on August 30, 2018. This includes new commentary, behind-the-scenes artwork, 24 previously Patreon-exclusive bonus strips, and new character designs into an 222-page tome with luxurious glossy paper all bound up into a sturdy presentation!

And as of this writing, there’s a number of character magnets you can pledge for: Joyce, Fuckface the Iguana, Dina, Carla, Amazi-Girl, Faz, Nash, Rachel, and Jason.  When the Kickstarter hits $50K, a Dorothy magnet will be given to everyone who pledges for mailable goods!  (aka, anyone who doesn’t pledge for a digital-only reward, though there are now digital-plus-magnet tiers)

You can pledge for a book and one magnet, or you can shoot for a PICK THREE or PICK FIVE MAGNETS tier and choose which ones you want via address survey after the campaign is over.  Or you can go all-in and pledge for COMPLETE MAGNET POWER, which gets you one of each magnet unlocked by the end of the campaign.  There’s still more magnets to be unlocked!  There’s Walky at $45k, which is coming up very shortly, and Other Rachel at $55k.  And maybe some others, who knows!